Workshops & Events

All of our workshops are chosen to be useful practical ways to experience, learn and implement tools that support Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-being for you and your whole family.


Compassionate Communication Skills Workshop

Saturday 10th March 10am – 4pm

Nonviolent Communication is a beautiful way of communicating that can help in building stronger relationships.

Join us on this one-day workshop, where we will explore:
–  The basics of Nonviolent Communication
– Experiment with new ways of expressing ourselves
– Discover what communication habits we have formed,
and see whether they serve the conversations we have,
and if not – how we can transform them
– Explore what needs are behind what we say and do


Mindfulness for Beginners

Saturday 24th March 1pm – 4pm

Join Emily Mason for an Ovio Mindfulness One Beginners Course. This is an amazing opportunity to relax, revitalise and connect with others whilst learning this powerful new life skill.

You will learn how to use powerful mindfulness exercises to manage stress and emotional reactivity. With grounded everyday life examples that are evidence-based and practical. In a relaxed and non-religious environment with ongoing support available.

Includes tea, afternoon snacks and a Mindfulness journal with resources to support you on your journey.


Happy Hips, Knees and Ankles

Saturday 7th April 1.30pm -4.00pm

In this session we will look at safe and effective approaches to working with your hips for sustained or increased mobility and overall joint health. We will also discuss relationships between the hip, knee and ankle positioning in many common postures. We will highlight essential alignment aspects and discover ways to create muscular engagement around the joints for strength and stability.

And to make you fully equipped to progress with your practice, we will learn to feel common compensations occurring in postures and find out how to correct them.

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