One on Ones

Why one on ones?

Sometimes you just need someone to focus all their attention on you. We are social creatures us humans and one of the things lacking in this busy, online obsessed world is time spent with other humans where they are fully present to you.

A one on one can be a wonderful way to take time out from your day, learn and feel more about poses work best for your body, to create a specialised sequence for you to grow your home practice or even for building confidence after being away from Yoga for a while.

For children it can be a beautiful alternative to counselling that enables them to be heard whilst learning some useful skills and having some fun.

Does you child struggle with Anxiety or Self Esteem?
Do they dance or play sport and often injure themselves?
Would you like your child to learn way to care for their body and mind in a tailored, one on one environment?

Recently coming back to Yoga after a pregnancy, injury or Illness?

Want a more tailored class or a time that suits your busy schedule?

Just want someone to be fully present for you while you relax?

Want to do something special and little different with your family?

Or perhaps you would like your child to experience Yoga but they are nervous about attending a Youth class alone?

Have a child that struggles with Anxiety and would like to learn some tools you can use at home together?