Our Purpose


If you have made it to this page, thank you for being curious about us.

We need to be honest with you dear human. The Seedling Therapies Collective ultimately exists for Children.

We are here to champion for them first and foremost and we know that means supporting YOU, their parents, teachers and guardians to be your best selves, physically, mentally, emotionally.

We don’t say this explicitly because it could sound like we are critising you or saying you aren’t doing a good job and that’s just not true. You are doing an incredible job. There is a reason they say it takes a village to raise a child.

It can be very hard and we think even more so in today’s society surrounded by financial pressure, political chaos and more and more reasons to feel afraid.

Yoga is at the heart of this space because Yoga means Union. Connection.

Amidst the chaos of day to day living we can forget to listen to our bodies or, in the case of Mental Health, listen too much to our minds.

We are here to connect you with yourselves again  so that we listen more to our bodies and less to our minds.

Humans are by nature, social creatures. Everything about us – our brains, minds and bodies are geared towards collaboration in social systems. It is our most powerful survival strategy as  species and it is precisely this that breaks down in most forms of mental suffering.

We are here to connect you with other members of your community so you know you are not alone. 

You can’t do something you have never seen.

We are here to connect you with different ideas about how life could be. How you could be well. How you could communicate.

We have this theory that by doing this we start to create a different world for young people. They ultimately learn from us, the adults in their lives and we want to provide as much opportunity for them to learn and build a foundation that will encourage physical, mental and emotional health, however that might look for them.

Thank you for wanting to know about us.


“What we instill in our children will be the foundation upon which they build their future.” – Steve Maraboli