Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? We might have answered them here for you!

What do I need to bring?

We have all the things you might need so all you need to bring is yourself.

You are always welcome to bring your own Yoga mat and if you like having a bottle of water close by you could also bring that though tea and water is available at the studio.

What shall I wear?

As long as you can move comfortably in it you’re onto a winner on the outfit front.

One thing to consider is, If I bend forwards will this top end up over my head? This can be annoying in a Downward facing dog so consider wearing something that doesn’t need much adjusting.

What time should I arrive for class?

We like to start class on time so it can be nice to arrive 5-10 minutes before so you can get you shoes off and in the cubblies and get yourself settled on your mat.

If it is your first class we would be grateful if you would arrive 10-15 minutes earlier so you can complete a new client form which helps us ensure we know about any injuries or things that might impact your ability to do certain things such as pregnancy or illness.

I‘ve booked for a class but now I can’t come?

If you have booked yourself in for class but then get caught up at work or something comes up we completely understand. If you are able to cancel your booking through our booking system please do so.

What do I do if I haven’t been to yoga for a while and I see my teacher on the street?

We get it. Life is CRRAAAZZZYYY. please  don’t feel uncomfortable or like you need to explain yourself. Just say Hi and know that we love you.

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